How to Pull Weeds in the Garden

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I'm Doug Smiddy of Smiddy's Gardening Services here on behalf of and welcome to my garden. Today we're here to talk about low maintenance gardening. Okay, now here's a subject that we don't really like to talk about or even think about and that's weeding. Every garden is going to grow weeds. There's not really much that you can do to prevent it. So my advice is to weed before you really have to weed. What I try to do is get out in my garden for 1/2 an hour a week just to weed. Another advantage of a small garden is there's not that many weeds. So don't let them get out of hand, it's not that much of a hassle. Now, you can go out and cut your weeds with a hoe, which a lot of people do and I don't like to do that cause that's just going to stimulate more weed growth. So what I like to do to ensure that you get the whole root and all is use your little cultivator and dig down right next to the root and loosen it up, because if you just try to pull it you might leave a little piece of root in there and that could actually propagate new weed growth. So you want to take it, wiggle it as you pull it up and get that whole root and don't just throw the weeds on your lawn. Keep a container nearby, a box or a bucket or something, throw them in a bucket and then get rid of the weed somewhere else because if you throw it in your lawn you're probably just going to grow weed right there.