Extractor Vs. Scrubber Carpet Steam Cleaners

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Hi! I'm Steve Chubin from Steven's Sewing and Vacuum Center in King of Prussia, PA. Today we are going to talk about steamers or what we like to call them, extractors. We spoke a little earlier about some carpet steamers and extractors that have been on the market and they are very effective for what they do. This however, is a hard surface steamer or extractor. This is what they call a hard surface floor scrubber. This is very effective in particularly if you have tile with some grout areas. It does a very nice job at cleaning those areas. How this particular product works is these brushes scrub in a soapy solution onto your hard surfaces breaking the dirt that is on the linoleum, tile or hard surfaces breaking it up and this area sucks it up. So these type of cleaners will be very effective in a home that has some hard surfaces and this would be in lieu of using a conventional mop that most of us used for many years. A lot of people are going to this type of cleaner where they are actually cleaning and sucking up all the solution and dirt in one operation. It is very effective, very easy to do and it cuts your cleaning time significantly.