How to Clean Bathrooms: Mold

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When a bathroom has water splashing over bathtubs, mold can form at the baseboards. Avoid mold problems with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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Now one other thing before we get started on cleaning is to know that when your children are in the tub, you know they splash. They play around, the splashes come out they go on the floor. Now one thing to be aware of is that if there's too much water, and it's time and time and time again, that it doesn't get dried up with a towel. Then where ever there's wooden baseboards, like here I have my cabinets right next to my shower, next to my tub. You're going to start to see mold on either your baseboards, if that's whats next to your tub. Or you cabinets, you don't want that, you definitely don't want mold. Because it's almost impossible to get rid of mold. So you want to make sure that when ever your kids have been in the tub, that you either have a nice big towel on the floor or bathmat. But even sometimes that's not enough. If your kids are anything like mine, and they're dumping them out by the cup loads, you want to make sure that you're conscious of drying those areas every time that they get out the tub. Because I actually did have a problem with one of my baseboards and we got a little bit of mold there. So I just want to make sure that you don't run into that problem. Because that can be a real problem. Okay.