Tips for Watering Your Vegetable Garden

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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of I will like to talk to you about vegetable gardening. Lets talk for a couple minutes about watering the garden. Probably the most important thing you could do for your plants is watering this is the one thing that nothing on this planted could do without and your plants are not exception in fact it is probably more important to them to just about any other creature on earth. As you look through on our hot summer day your going to notice plants are starting to look a little wilty that is a first sign that plants need water right away. But if you are maintaining your garden beds and your taking care of things hopefully your plants really won't get to that place where they are wilting up to much. Now it is the heat of the day out right now, it is not a time that I normally go for a lot of water but it is a good time to the day to syringe and what I mean about syringe I'm talking about a fine spray of water that is just going to help cool the garden down and get plants down to a temperature where they grow comfortably most plants don't like to grow in the 80, 90 degree temperatures but if we give them a little misting like this you add a little bit of water to the garden and just enough to cool things down. This is going to go a long ways keeping these guys growing happily right through the heat of the day. Well if I'm not suppose to be watering this time of day what when should I be watering it. A good time a day to water is very early in the morning it is probably the best time you don't end up with fungal diseases or from plant sitting wet over night and it gives the water time to sit into the ground before the heat of the day comes along and evaporates all that hard work you did with watering. The other reason that I like to water early in the morning is because it is quiet time in your garden it gives you some time to be along before the pressure of the day starts, it gives you a chance to look and see and spend quality time with your plants and maybe observe other issues that you might be having. If you can't water first thing in the day the other good time to water would be in the evening and the evening again you got to make sure you do it early enough so your plants have time to dry off or you'll wind up with powdery other fungal problem through the day. Now the hose is a great way to water and sure you could put it on a sprinkler but I find a lot more towns that we have a issue with water restrictions so my favorite way to water still remains good old fashion watering can. It is a good time to water during the day if you can water and not get water on the foliage and you could see the watering can really allows me to water just the bed not so much the foliage. Keeping that foliage dry helps keep those disease pressure down. The other thing that it allows me to do is really concentrate where that water goes so it makes it my most effectuate use of water. So remember the most important thing that you could do for your plants is keep them wet, keep them watered and they are going to reward you with a great crop of vegetables.