Plants For Shady Garden Areas

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Hi I'm Scott Reil and on behalf of I'm going to talk to you about perennial gardens. When looking for perennials for the shade garden we got to take a couple of things into consideration. First plants that grow in the shade don't necessarily relyon a lot of flowers to get their selves pollinated and really that is the only reason that flowers have flowers on them. It is to attract the bees to get their selves pollinated, most of the plants in the shade garden find different things to do it. So we don't have as much flower power to rely on so it is up to use to look at maybe more the form and the shapes and contrast those back and forth to make our garden interesting. This little venusta right here is a good example I have used in this case variegation on the venusta to add two or three different colors to just this one plant alone. And this nice low horizontal has been contrasted nicely with a fern right behind more a vertical. One has a very solid leaf, one has a very airy leaf that is going to give you a big contrast between the vertical, airy, and horizontal and the solid. You see that we have done this again over here with a different fern this is Japanese painted fern and in the Japanese painted fern we used a little bit of reddish color combination here. So now we are starting to pick up some of the reds that we find here on the bird bath moving it down here with the whites that we also see here. So as well as complementing and contrasting we are adding the same colors. Now another nice thing to be doing in the shade is a lot of our wooden flowers and this little guy peaking out beneath the hosta here is rectifolia not a chewing amity. But the shade border often gives us a change to get some of these native wooden flowers that we would not see that often not even in the woods and move them to our garden. Remember don't be taking them from the woods let's leave them for everybody to share but good gardens are more and more have wonderful woodland flowers that you can plant and the shade garden are a great place for them.