How to Create a Landscape Plan

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Creating a landscape plan is an important part of the process, get expert yard and landscape design tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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The next phase of doing landscape is coming up with a plan. To come up with a plan, first do your plan conceptually and get a good idea of what you want and then talk to friends and family. Look at yards, talk to people, get input and feedback. And then begin to sketch your plan. When you sketch your plan, if you can get a copy of the survey of land, that’s the best way to start. Just make a copy of the survey and then white out the notes that are not important to the landscape. Then you can write in what you want to do there. You can enlarge it, or however you want to do that. This is an example of that. This is a landscape design that I did for a friend of mine. This is her survey. I did exactly what I just explained, I whitened out and the I added and drew in the landscape. Then I made a list of the plants that I recommended. Then I blew up different areas and put notes about the soil and the materials for the paths that I recommended using.