Plants For Sunny Garden Areas

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Hi, I'm Scott Reil and behalf of I like to talk to you about perennials gardens. When designing in a sunnier area there is a pretty wide pallets of plants to use and you can really lean hard into the flower power. Now depending on what kind of soil you have you might want to go with more rock garden plants which tend to do well in dry areas. Plants like this little Dianthus here just do a famous job in that drier, sandier areas. This corner of my garden you see the most sun just about anywhere so it was a perfect spot for this Dianthus and the smell on this thing is just great. It is wonderful to smell that lovely smell as you come around the corner. Other plants do really well in sunny areas are plants like Aster, this is a native nova-angliae aster, it gets a wonderful red flower. Shasta daisies, Shasta daisies do really well in sunny areas. Nepeta loves in those hot dry, baking kind of sunny spots. And here is another iris we have already seen the bigger German iris, this is Japanese iris and these would do well in either a sunny area or a partially shaded area. Another plant that I love in a sunny area is lavender and the smell on lavender is just wonderful. You can see this one is just starting to bud up and start to get ready on its own. This is kind of a neat; one it is a white flower form that you don't see to often. But again when you are working with plants in a sunny area think about how much sun you are getting, think about it realistically. If it is not getting sun between 10 and 2 then it is probably not a full sun area you should probably be looking at plants for partial sunny areas. But in those really hot dry areas succulence, like seeders can be a really boom to you and again those rock garden plants to you things like Dianthus. Things like Silphium they are going to do well in areas.