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Vegetable Harvesting

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  • What soil to use in a raised vegetable bed?

    We are building raised beds for vegetables this year. Since we are new to gardening and especially veggies, we need to know what type of soil to use in our 4x10 beds which will be about 12-15 inches high. Can we use topsoil or a "garden mix" that we can… More

  • Hello from Switzerland!

    ..., so I'm looking forward to the challenge... plus harvesting the… More

  • Mutant Vegetables

    ...ms like at least once every year while harvesting vegetables, I come accross something that is misshapen or malformed. I bet a lot of other gardeners do too. Here is a picture of a two-pronged carrot I pulled recently. I've shown you mine, now you show me yours! More

  • For Edible Container Gardening, Please Post in the Fruit or Vegetable Forum

    ...le container gardening questions in the Fruits or Vegetables forum in The Kitchen Garden forum. Thanks! More

  • Can I use former dog run for planting vegetable garden

    ...to use the area where our dog run is for planting vegetables. Is it safe to use due to dog poo and urine. How can I prepare or clean the area to make it safe for planting vegetables. I… More

  • Help me start my new vegetable garden?

    Hi! I live in an urban area and I plan to start a vegetable garden. I just moved into a house that has a nice big yard, whereas before I was living in apartments. Here's the thing: The lawn is thick with grass. I'd like to cut out a fairly… More

  • Calling all our Vegetable Gardeners

    ...008, stokes@stokeseeds.com wrote: Calling all our vegetable Gardeners Across the gardening industry it has been noted that vegetable gardening has become extremely popular again. This is probably due to communities across North America, setting… More

  • Thyme in my yard

    ...ely new to gardening and just started my own herb/vegetable garden. I bought rosemary seeds, but shortly after, I discovered that two of the plants in my front yard are rosemary bushes. Are these safe to use as food? If so, how do I harvest/store? More

  • What do you (Or have in the past)?

    ..., canning, drying, pickling, et al. I have frozen vegetables (mostly mine), fruits (some mine). I can a lot of tomato products (salsas, soups (yum), ketchup, etc) In the next year I will be freezing and… More

  • BRAND NEW gardener to Portland, ME

    ... gardens by doing some weeding or by helping them harvest. I have always had a… More

  • NCGardenGirl reply

    These are the rules we have to follow below. Sadly we can only write in our own journal but can't get feed back from others. :mad: Hope everyone is enjoying my spring with me though, :carrot: I'm Very excited this year since I get to plan, develop what I want,… More

  • Container Problems Found, " Maybe"

    Our Container Vegetable Garden was a success but not without problems, too little water, too much water, soil mix was too heavy didn't drain well, fertlizer " too much, too little, how much , how often, I learned one thing containers must be watched very carefully because things happen FAST… More

  • Spring Children's Garden program

    ...to plant, maintain and harvest their own flowers, vegetables and herbs. Our weekly spring classes will consist of different theme days, including topics such as plants, insects, international gardening, and health. We will spend most of our… More

  • How to ripen tomatoes grown in container

    ...ld springs here because we can't start harvesting vegetables until late August. So this year I figure I'm going to fix mother nature and grow a tomato in my greenhouse. Well, it's now 8 feet tall loaded with tomatoes and threating to… More

  • Can't save seeds from hybrid for new plant?

    ...ybrids, which cannot be grown from seeds that you harvest. You can, however, save seeds from… More

  • My Hobby Farm

    Greetings from down under. :cool: Our farm owner, Alf, has had more than 40 years of experience working on wild and cultivated plants in Australia. Now approaching retirement as a teacher, it has been a natural progression for Alf to purchase and develop a hobby farm. He is developing a… More

  • Compost Tea for Vegetable Gardening

    We are planning to do some intensive vegetable gardening and need to figure out how to not to spend a ton of money on feeding our plants. We have got our soil tested from a lab and need to make years worth of amendments. Thus we are looking to go… More

  • weeds in the vegetable patch

    ...d this forum. We are planning on starting a small vegetable garden. In the fall, I prepared an area where we would like to plant (I just removed weeds, took a soil test, added some topsoil and fertilzer and turned it all over). I… More

  • My first vegetable garden

    This is my first veggie garden. I have a lot planted in a small space. I tried to maximize the space by making trellises from small trees in the backyard. Still... I planted a little too much, and had to remove some plants. I had no idea how huge zucchini… More

  • Possible vegetable? Who Knows!?! I'll let you decide!;)

    So I live in central coast california and we just had a ton of trees trimmed in our backyard and then these things started to sprout up. Knowing pretty much squat about plants I decided to dig one of these bad boys up to try to figure it out... but… More

  • Vegetable Container Gardening

    I started this one to sticky it. Will edit soon I promise! More

  • vegetable gardening

    Hi I'm new here. Does anyone know of a good place to find preplanned garden layouts? I had a great garden about 10 yrs ago. I have since moved and am having trouble getting anything decent. Some years it was the weather. or rodents. I have tried different 2 loacations… More

  • Your Vegetable garden

    There is something about growing your own that is so much more satisfying then buying a ready made seedling. What about you? More

  • new vegetable garden

    here is what is going on in the south yard. More

  • Help identifying this vegetable?

    I came into a bag of these today but was not told what they are. I've seen them before but never knew what they were. Can anyone help me and identify them for me? More

  • Canning vegetable soup

    How long and at what pressure do I can venison vegetable soup? I've only canned using fruits and vegetables that I could process in a boiling water bath until now. More

  • Canning vegetable soup

    How do I can vegetable soup? I would like to use potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion, store bought can corn, green beans, and tomato soup. I tried and the lids sealed but the juice started leaking around the lids after one day. Please help. More

  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

    ...hobby-gardener, but after reading it, we put in a vegetable garden and an herb garden. I've learned… More

  • Organic Vegetable Garden

    ... a few months back and I want to plant an organic vegetable garden. I have an idea of which fruits and vegetables I want to plant and I know I want to… More


    ...lp. i have many gardens but my problem one is the vegetable one. this year i have some milkweed growing in it and i was wondering if… More

  • planting two like vegetable plants in one hole

    I have a question I have grown up with gardens all my life but there is one thing I would like an answer to. I know with flowers you can plant two flower plants in one hole to make it look fuller and to save on space if there is… More

  • vegetable gardening on drain path

    Is container gardening the only solution to plant vegetables on a path where the rainwater drains? Any tips whatsoever? More

  • Any ideas for shady vegetable gardening?

    My garden is in a place that is shaded about half the day, does anyone have any suggestions for veggies? More

  • Watering vegetable gardens.

    In general, should my garden be watered alot, and kept moist. Or less water and allow the top of the soil dry a bit before watering. More

  • Harvesting and Using Fresh Cantalope

    Harvesting and Using Fresh Cantaloupe By Brenda Hyde Cantaloupe, is a muskmelon, as are the Casaba, honeydew, Persian and Crenshaw melons. Growing up I loved cantaloupe more than watermelon. Now, my daughter who is three, can eat half a cantaloupe at a time and definitely rivals my love of this… More

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