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Vegetable Gardening in a Small Space

Vegetable Gardening in a Small Space Articles

Vegetable Gardening in a Small Space Videos

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  • article about front yard vegetable garden in Baltimore

    ...cfm?issueID=74&sectionID=4&articleID=1263 Spaces might appear in that URL. Just get rid of them to see the post if you have problems. Here's a sample of the article. "Horticulturally, my formative years were schizophrenic. My father was a salesman for a… More

  • 14 months in the life of a vegetable patch

    I am new to this site and as an introduction though I would show what can be done with a bit of hard work in my spare time. The first shot is of my new allotment in Liverpool UK March 2006, the seconed, that summer and the thirsd from the… More

  • I would like to start growing vegetable in my garden in SoCal

    ... further with veggies. Back in Europe I had a veg garden, but in that… More

  • New to Garden Guides

    ...about growing grass in my state of Virginia and a vegetable garden in a small area of the yard. More

  • Hello

    ...short while and am open to suggestions. We have a vegetable garden this year and I have a couple spaces where I started flowers last year. Just wanted to stop in here and say… More

  • What Is The Purpose Of Starting Seeds Indoors?

    ...s etc. WHAT FOR? Does it matter if I want to grow vegetables in a pot? Can't I just start the… More

  • My 1st Formal Garden

    ...riend of mine blessed me with a book, titled "The Garden Design Book" by, Cheryl Merser and the editors of Garden Design Magazine. I fell in love with the formal Gardens in the book and have wanted one of my own ever since! Soooooo........ I have… More

  • Lets post some pics!

    Hello Let's see you vegetable gardening pics? Cheers! More

  • Wrong soil? Will my plants die?

    ... because she said "we have some very knowledgable vegetable gardeners." PLEASE HELP!!Has anyone ever used for your container a garden soil mix that is supposed to be worked into regular soil? I bought Sta-green garden soil for vegetables… More

  • Howdy from Austin, Texas!

    ...side my duplex, and lots of containers. I grew up gardening with my mother in Ohio, but central Texas is a whole other world for plants, so I've got lots of experimenting… More

  • Newbie herb gardener questions

    ...he berry patch of my dreams. But also trying herb gardening for the first time. So I have several questions I… More

  • Can I use former dog run for planting vegetable garden

    ...to use the area where our dog run is for planting vegetables. Is it safe to use due to dog poo and urine. How can I prepare or clean the area to make it safe for planting vegetables. I… More

  • About snow and gardening

    ...ow Cover Bad News for Travelers but Good News for Gardeners Wed Feb 27, 2008 5:59pm EST WARMINSTER, Pa., Feb. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Near record snowfalls here… More

  • Compost Tea for Vegetable Gardening

    We are planning to do some intensive vegetable gardening and need to figure out how to not to spend a ton of money on feeding our plants. We have got our soil tested from a lab and need to make years worth of amendments. Thus we are looking to go… More

  • weeds in the vegetable patch

    ...d this forum. We are planning on starting a small vegetable garden. In the fall, I prepared an area where we would like to plant (I just removed weeds, took a soil test, added some topsoil and fertilzer and turned it all over). I… More

  • Planting small vegetable seeds. Durgan's Method.

    ...s/nh6x Planting small vegetable seeds in the home garden can be a difficult both in spacing and depth, and keeping moist until germination. Commercial seed tapes are one method, but they are difficult to handle, and all are often not available, plus the cost is high. My method is shown… More

  • Any ideas for shady vegetable gardening?

    My garden is in a place that is shaded about half the day, does anyone have any suggestions for veggies? More

  • vegetable gardening on drain path

    Is container gardening the only solution to plant vegetables on a path where the rainwater drains? Any tips whatsoever? More

  • My first vegetable garden

    ...my first veggie garden. I have a lot planted in a small space. I tried to maximize the space by making trellises from small trees in the backyard. Still... I planted a little too much, and had to remove some plants. I had no idea how huge zucchini… More

  • Vegetable Container Gardening

    I started this one to sticky it. Will edit soon I promise! More

  • For Edible Container Gardening, Please Post in the Fruit or Vegetable Forum

    ...le container Gardening questions in the Fruits or Vegetables forum in The Kitchen Garden forum. Thanks! More

  • planting two like vegetable plants in one hole

    ...in one hole to make it look fuller and to save on space if there is… More

  • Gardening Schedule

    ... forum, but desperately seeking information about gardening. I am a new gardener, just started last year. My husband passed away and it was the only thing that kept me from losing it. I had my dad to help me with schedules and timing for… More

  • gardening on a slope

    My husband wants to put in a vegetable garden. The portion of the yard we're looking at is lightly sloped. I suggested he just plant perpendicular to the slope, like farmers do. He insists all our topsoil will erode away before we have a chance to plant. He wants to… More

  • Making a New Vegetable Garden Area.

    http://xrl.us/nqb9 30 April 2006 Start. Notice the kick type sod cutter. http://xrl.us/nqca 4 May 2006 Adding Compost (half a yard shown). I pick up about half a yard per day from the City depot. Two fourty five gallon garbage cans. I have a wooden box in the back of the… More

  • Calling all our Vegetable Gardeners

    ...008, stokes@stokeseeds.com wrote: Calling all our vegetable Gardeners Across the gardening industry it has been noted that vegetable gardening has become extremely popular again. This is probably due to communities across North America, setting… More

  • Organic Vegetable Garden

    ... a few months back and I want to plant an organic vegetable garden. I have an idea of which fruits and vegetables I want to plant and I know I want to… More

  • What soil to use in a raised vegetable bed?

    ...eds for vegetables this year. Since we are new to gardening and especially veggies, we need to know what type of soil to use in our 4x10 beds which will be about 12-15 inches high. Can we use topsoil or a "garden mix" that we can… More

  • vegetable gardening

    ...es anyone know of a good place to find preplanned garden layouts? I had a great garden about 10 yrs ago. I have since moved and am having trouble getting anything decent. Some years it was the weather. or rodents. I have tried different 2 loacations… More

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