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Vegetable Garden

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  • article about front yard vegetable garden in Baltimore

    This article was just published in a Baltimore magazine called Urbanite: http://www.urbanitebaltimore.com/sub.cfm?issueID=74&sectionID=4&articleID=1263 Spaces might appear in that URL. Just get rid of them to see the post if you have problems. Here's a sample of the article. "Horticulturally, my formative years were schizophrenic. My father was a salesman for a… More

  • First Garden

    ...ch gardening in the past. I want to mainly have a vegetable garden, so I am wondering what the best veggies are to start with? And the best veggies for this time of year? More

  • Calling all our Vegetable Gardeners

    ...008, stokes@stokeseeds.com wrote: Calling all our vegetable Gardeners Across the gardening industry it has been noted that vegetable gardening has become extremely popular again. This is probably due to communities across North America, setting… More

  • What soil to use in a raised vegetable bed?

    ...eds for vegetables this year. Since we are new to gardening and especially veggies, we need to know what type of soil to use in our 4x10 beds which will be about 12-15 inches high. Can we use topsoil or a "garden mix" that we can… More

  • weeds in the vegetable patch

    ...d this forum. We are planning on starting a small vegetable garden. In the fall, I prepared an area where we would like to plant (I just removed weeds, took a soil test, added some topsoil and fertilzer and turned it all over). I… More

  • For Edible Container Gardening, Please Post in the Fruit or Vegetable Forum

    ...le container Gardening questions in the Fruits or Vegetables forum in The Kitchen Garden forum. Thanks! More

  • Starting a garden

    I want to start a vegetable garden, but I read that it can be a handful. I thought maybe I could start with the easy-to-grow vegetables, any suggestions? More

  • Garden Organizer, Calender?

    ...rdsheet or a download of a garden planner for our vegetable garden record keeping ?, Thanks Guilt Trip More

  • container planting??

    ...ing seeds in a seed starter. i'm am going to grow vegetables. is container planting suitable for a vegetable garden? my container is about 2 feet by 8 feet and 1 foot deep. is this going to be difficult? More

  • Hello from Georgia!

    ...rd to visiting often. I love to flower garden and vegetable garden, but I don't have much experience with the vegetables. Does anyone have any good ideas on keeping the deer and rabbits etc. away? More

  • What Is The Purpose Of Starting Seeds Indoors?

    ...s etc. WHAT FOR? Does it matter if I want to grow vegetables in a pot? Can't I just start the… More

  • Easy Garden Paella

    ...an be doubled. 1 Bag Carolina Yellow Saffron Rice vegetable stock 1 small green bell pepper, diced 1 small sweet onion, diced 1 cup diced tomatoes 1 zucchini, sliced and quartered Prepare rice as directed using vegetable stock instead of water (I use Imagine… More

  • planting two like vegetable plants in one hole

    I have a question I have grown up with gardens all my life but there is one thing I would like an answer to. I know with flowers you can plant two flower plants in one hole to make it look fuller and to save on space if there is… More

  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

    ...hobby-gardener, but after reading it, we put in a vegetable garden and an herb garden. I've learned… More


    ...lp. i have many gardens but my problem one is the vegetable one. this year i have some milkweed growing in it and i was wondering if… More

  • Help me start my new vegetable garden?

    ... in an urban area and I plan to start a vegetable garden. I just moved into a house that has a nice big yard, whereas before I was living in apartments. Here's the thing: The lawn is thick with grass. I'd like to cut out a fairly… More

  • Organic Vegetable Garden

    ... a few months back and I want to plant an organic vegetable garden. I have an idea of which fruits and vegetables I want to plant and I know I want to… More

  • My first vegetable garden

    This is my first veggie garden. I have a lot planted in a small space. I tried to maximize the space by making trellises from small trees in the backyard. Still... I planted a little too much, and had to remove some plants. I had no idea how huge zucchini… More

  • Your Vegetable garden

    There is something about growing your own that is so much more satisfying then buying a ready made seedling. What about you? More

  • Vegetable garden in progress

    ...st here. I'm building the first half of my veggie garden. Don't kill me, I used landscape timbers. It's 16x4. I've never build anything like this before but it's coming along fine. I had to stop and didn't have a… More

  • Making a New Vegetable Garden Area.

    http://xrl.us/nqb9 30 April 2006 Start. Notice the kick type sod cutter. http://xrl.us/nqca 4 May 2006 Adding Compost (half a yard shown). I pick up about half a yard per day from the City depot. Two fourty five gallon garbage cans. I have a wooden box in the back of the… More

  • Any ideas for shady vegetable gardening?

    My garden is in a place that is shaded about half the day, does anyone have any suggestions for veggies? More

  • Watering vegetable gardens.

    In general, should my garden be watered alot, and kept moist. Or less water and allow the top of the soil dry a bit before watering. More

  • I would like to start growing vegetable in my garden in SoCal

    ... further with veggies. Back in Europe I had a veg garden, but in that… More

  • Can I use former dog run for planting vegetable garden

    ...to use the area where our dog run is for planting vegetables. Is it safe to use due to dog poo and urine. How can I prepare or clean the area to make it safe for planting vegetables. I… More

  • vegetable gardening

    ...es anyone know of a good place to find preplanned garden layouts? I had a great garden about 10 yrs ago. I have since moved and am having trouble getting anything decent. Some years it was the weather. or rodents. I have tried different 2 loacations… More

  • new vegetable garden

    here is what is going on in the south yard. More