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Small Space Gardens

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  • What are these? Are they worth saving?

    .... I have been working all weekend on the backyard gardens. There are several plants that need to at least be moved (if not pulled completely). Unfortunately, I don't know what they are, so I don't know if I should toss them or move them to another location. :confused: Any… More

  • So, what are your real jobs?

    ...nd Med-Aide in an Assisted Living facility in our small farming village. I love my job but, it can be a bit stressful at times. That's when… More

  • Cats

    ... a what you call a *prairie chicken* .I live in a small town in Sasakatchewan and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a safe organic way to stop CATS:mad:from pooping in my yard and gardens:(. Any helpful… More

  • Help I have created a monster with no idea how to tame it

    I asked for a raised planter for Valentines Day. I got two! I also got seed packets, trellis's and cages. I have never grown anything before. I have a goal of being able to can for food storage in the next 5 years. I am an Army wife and have… More

  • clay soil

    ...rge for european standards some 900 metres former gardens of mine where around 50 to 120 metres so this is big I did read somewhere adding builders sand so did that in… More

  • Debug in SE Wisconsin

    ... past I have't been very creative when it came to gardens. But I had a picture in my… More

  • Hello From Ontario Canada :)

    ...rn Municipalilty of Canada. I was introduced into gardening when I was younger but hated it. When my mom passed away 4 years ago, I became increasingly interested… More

  • Advice on Thinning Out Bulbs and Planting New Ones

    Hello, I'm a beginning gardener and I'm new to GardenGuides.com. A couple years ago my wife and I planted some Lilies. The Lilies have been growing and blooming nicely these past two summers. We just recently bought a bunch of bulbs from Lowes, some Crocus, Narcissus, Allium and Fritillaria Imperialis.… More

  • Hello

    ...w member and just wanted to say hi. I worked on a small farm for about ten years (through high school and college), were I got a major green thumb. But I haven't seriosly gardened for five years now. Last year I bought a house here in… More

  • Solar lights?

    ...t night.The dragonfly one is in my pics(September gardens)Sorry I meant to reply to the solar lights post, and ended up posting new instead. It's one In the morning.( Big yawn) I think I… More

  • New and excited!!!

    ...whole society of people who love plants/ flowers/ gardens! I love my house plants...I spritz them daily and love watching the new growth. Finding new ones that grow good in my house, the different shapes and sizes, and colors of… More

  • Shade and Woodland Gardens

    ... plants! I have packed quite a few plants into my small shade garden. I have several hostas and ferns, two hardy… More

  • Rain gardens

    ... low. About 10 by 20. I would like to make a rain garden. I know I have to make a dry stream bed to the drain under the shed but a lot of water… More

  • Gardens In Progress

    ... their stories of when and how they started their gardens, and any before… More

  • "Rain Gardens on Clay Soil Sites"

    Just read about Rain gardens ("Bioretention Pond"). Didn't know where to post it (mods can move it, if it doesn't belong here. :D ;) ). Thought some of you might want to know about rain gardens also. http://www.for-wild.org/download/rainclay/rainclay.html With changing federal laws governing water quality, many municipalities are enacting storm… More

  • Calluna Vulgaris where to plant?

    ...beautiful masses of heather... but I don't have a space for that.… More

  • Hi Thanks for the welcome

    ... don't get to do as much as I would like with the gardens. Nice to… More

  • New to GG from New Mexico

    ...ng lemon basil. Funny how things happen. I have a small home garden that was originally sand and weeds...wasted space. I put up a 6ft chain link fence thinking I would keep our German Shepherds… More

  • Hi from New Zealand!

    ...started a garden maintenance business called Tidy gardens a couple of years ago. I look after private gardens as well as the town gardens and also… More

  • Water Gardens for small spaces?

    I am really into recycling....I have had a couple of ideas that I haven't tried yet, and thought to pass them along to those who would really like to have a water feature, but only have a limited budget! One resource that would probably work GREAT would be an old… More