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  • Those darn fruit trees

    Relatively small and very fruitful, my two dwarf fruit (granny smith and...umm tree number two) trees are having a harsh summer yet again with bugs and these annoying 'spots' on their leaves. No fruit was spared. They are on the East side of my garage and next to a shady… More

  • Help with Castor plants, please

    I need help with my castor plants, I have difficulty finding the seeds first, then when I do, I have great difficulty getting them going, out of 20 seeds only two came up, and they are now a whopping 3" tall, Uhhrrrr.... I use ferts,and potting soil and full sun… More

  • Hello from Switzerland!

    Hi everyone :) After 5 years of living in the city I am moving across the border next April into France, and my new house has a small garden with plenty of fruit trees. I've never had a garden before, so I'm looking forward to the challenge... plus harvesting the… More

  • Obsessions ~ do you get them?

    I swear I'm gonna stop watching The Victory Garden, and soon! All it does is "plant" ideas in my head. I'm still on a mission for Maryland senna and angelica. Now THIS ~ last night's episode filmed in Ireland made me want to go live there. Although I have visited… More

  • Hi from Western Oregon!

    ...t garden together. So far, we have some radishes, rhubarbMore

  • The economics of gardening

    ...t is somewhere around: tomatoes, onions, lettuce, rhubarb, carrots, pimentos, potatoes, onions, peas, radishes, strawberries, different type of herbs, etc (if you have more ideas… More

  • My 1st Formal Garden

    :banana-wa Years ago a friend of mine blessed me with a book, titled "The Garden Design Book" by, Cheryl Merser and the editors of Garden Design Magazine. I fell in love with the formal gardens in the book and have wanted one of my own ever since! Soooooo........ I have… More

  • article about front yard vegetable garden in Baltimore

    This article was just published in a Baltimore magazine called Urbanite: http://www.urbanitebaltimore.com/sub.cfm?issueID=74&sectionID=4&articleID=1263 Spaces might appear in that URL. Just get rid of them to see the post if you have problems. Here's a sample of the article. "Horticulturally, my formative years were schizophrenic. My father was a salesman for a… More

  • Starting a garden next year

    ...etables. I'm thinking Tomatoes, potatoes, onions, rhubarb, etc. (I also want to grow chives, mint, strawberries, raspberries an blueberries,… More

  • What's in your veggie garden so far?

    ...ing out my tomatoes and peppers. This weekend the rhubarb, peas, carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, potatoes, corn, beans, peas and squash (3 different varieties) will be planted. I also am planning on doing watermelons and cantalope, but think they will be going in next month. Onions, potatoes, and… More

  • a bunch of seed questions

    ...o you germinate blueberry seeds, asparagus seeds, rhubarb seeds, pomegranate seeds, and lavender seeds and pampas grass seeds? forgot to ask this. i left crape myrtle seeds in a unheated garage since may. will the still germinate? i soaked them for 24 hours then sowed them More

  • Rhubarb & Apple recipe wanted

    Does anyone have a really tasty recipe for Rhubarb? Maybe something mixed with apples?? If you are willing to share, I'd sure appreciate it! More

  • Rhubarb flowering?

    Has anyone ever seen a rhubarb flower before? Mine is flowering and this is the first time i have ever seen one flower. Is it ok to still eat it while it is flowering? RR More

  • Rhubarb Custard Pie

    It's Spring! The Rhubarb is going gangbusters! Time to make my grandmother's (Florence Kidwell Quaintance) Rhubarb Custard Pie - my favorite! Thought some of you might enjoy this old-fashioned recipe. In a heat proof bowl, pour boiling water over 2 1/2 cups of fresh Rhubarb cut into 1 inch pieces.… More

  • Rhubarb flowers: to cut, or not to cut

    Hi all, I looked at my rhubarb plants this morning and at least one of them is flowering. What are your thoughts? Is this a situation where I can have my rhubarb pie and eat it too? I.e., will the plant die/lose any vigor if I let it go to… More

  • Rhubarb Question

    ...er late than never, yes?). I'm wondering about my Rhubarb. It's about three years… More

  • Mo Muck ~

    .................Rhubarb? More

  • help again please

    Hi again,:confused: This is my rhubarb,only two of the ten I have and they only ones that look "funny". I am over whelmed with rhubarb,if you live close to Berlin, NH PLEASE come get some. I give it to anyone who wants some. I will be making Amish rhubarb jam… More

  • how to propagate rhubarb....

    ok first what you need to know is dont ever throw out rubarb because it still keeps in all the heart of the seeds in place for example. in the heart of rubarb it always will revive itself even if you cut it in half and a few quarters thats… More

  • Rhubarb?

    I'm not sure if rhubarb is a fruit or vegetable so it is getting posted here... thoughts on that? ;) Anyhow, my real question is how do you know when rhubarb is ready? We bought a house in October last year and have a ton of rhubarb coming up... we… More

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