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Butterfly Garden

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  • butterfly bush

    Mine (I have 6) are always loaded with seeds, but none of them ever sprouts. I don't clip them back until april. More

  • Butterfly or Moth??

    ... to have taken the picture. Anyone recognize this butterfly or should I say moth? can't figure that out. I'm a newbie on Insect.:p Thank… More

  • Butterfly I.D Help Please

    These lovely butterflies are all over my friend's sunflowers and she would really like to know what they are. Me too, for that matter! :o Can someone tell us please? More

  • my butterfly photos

    ...everyone, I just thought I would share some of my butterfly photos..... http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m148/Charlie7_01/Butterflies%202007/DSCF1158.jpg More

  • Butterfly Bush

    When is the right time to cut the Butterfly Bush for Spring? I have not seen any growth on it yet. I am hoping that it is not dead.:D :confused: More

  • Orange Butterfly Weed to the Yellow Butterfly Weed?

    ... have never heard of anyone growing this in their gardens or offering seeds of it on here... Carol More

  • Anyone Have Great Butterfly Nectar Plants?

    ...st nectar plants that attract butterflies in your gardens. More

  • butterfly bush cuttings

    how long will it take a buddleja davidii or butterfly bush to root from cuttings? i never ever done this before More

  • Pruning Butterfly Bush

    I have a butterfly bush that is about 9 years old. I usually prune it in the late winter with no problems. But, it is very woody on the bottom and I've notices that it does not seem to get much new growth from the base. Does anyone know if… More

  • fresh butterfly=hummingbird moth

    from one butterfly to another. More

  • How to root butterfly bushes

    I wish someone would tell me how to root butterfly bushes. They're not only beautiful but the butterfly are amazing to watch along with the humming birds.Thank you pegaleg1960 More

  • butterflies on butterfly bush

    A butterfly enjoying its favorite bush! More

  • butterfly habitat

    This was an enclosed Butterfly Habitat on our Cave tour and Blue hole tour. THey were everywhere..landed on our heads, arms, you name it, they landed. It was so cool. More

  • butterfly and cosmos

    i am longing for the nectar that you have, oh my cosmos! More

  • Butterfly Orchid

    ... them! They are peeking out here and there in the garden. They come in a variety of pinks and whites and some are very reddish. I ordered more to… More

  • Tips for creating a butterfly/hummingbird garden

    ... had never heard of before!) http://images.waysidegardens.com/wayside/wem000731/ButterHummwem000731rg.html (Take out the space between 1 and / when you cut and paste this into your… More

  • Butterfly Flower

    ...thing specific I should know? I have planeted the Butterfly bush in the past with no success. Zone 5 didn't seem to be warm enough. The always died over the winter. I have a neighbor who had a similar experience with this. I… More

  • My Butterfly photos

    ...would like to attract even more butterflies to my garden and yard. I love taking their picture and they don't… More

  • My 1st butterfly garden

    This is my frist try at a butterfly garden, I had butterfly`s glore, this monach, gaint swallow tails. More

  • Building a huge Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden...

    ...just need help with one issue...that with all the gardening books I have, they make no mention of how to arrange plants with space in a garden to be able to weed and harvest seeds (when the time comes)...only how far to space each plant from… More

  • white cabbage butterfly

    ...ted to know what white butterfly laid eggs in her garden. Is this the butterfly? or perhpgs one like it? Linda B from SC More

  • Tropical Butterflies at Victoria Butterfly World

    Here's a few shots from the butterfly garden in Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island. More

  • Can anyone ID this butterfly?

    Tiger swallowtail? More

  • Almost a butterfly

    http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r146/nicklz_photos/17Jan07-1caterpillar.jpg It was on my front porch right by the driveway and it was a fast little thing! Any ideas what kind it is? I've seen yellow ones like it, but never a white one. I don't know what the yellow ones are either. More

  • Butterfly pics from last summer...

    ...Butterfly and Moth pics I took last summer in our garden/backyard. In order they are: Common Buckeye Painted Lady 2 Monarchs Orange Sulphur Black Tiger Swallowtail Cloudless Sulphur Grey Hairstreak Red Admiral Silvery Checkerspot Black Swallowtail Eastern-Tailed Blue 2… More

  • butterfly

    I have never seen one of these before can anyone id it? More

  • My Butterfly Garden

    i have a mix of white and purple aster, mums Butterfly Bush and Agastache blue fortune and black eyed susan More