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Butterfly Bush

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  • hi, need

    :) hi all , i,m just getting back after being gone for a while , things sure are different now , i,m looking for green wizard rudbeckia seeds or starts, i want so much to have this plant to put along side my others , hope someone can help .… More

  • Moving of 2 bushes

    I have a Bleeding Heart and a Butterfly bush that are very close together. I think when I planted the BFB the BH wasn't growing. Now they are on top of each other. Which would you move? I'm thinking the Bleeding Heart. After its done flowering. The Butterfly is just… More

  • Winter Damage

    No not the kind caused by nature. Unless you can count being winter trapped in the house with Internet access and spring fever. I was going through my pending to be shipped orders in my saved mail. AAAAAK! I know there are more, and these don't even reflect any Co-Op… More

  • Giant B Bush

    Look at my huge butterfly bush (one of six). Last year, I started this monster from two little sticks ~ now lookie!! More

  • Kiwi

    ...t's Mission 2008 for me (last year was the orange butterfly bush, now a cute 4" sprout). Anyone have this vine? More

  • Top Five perennials

    ...e are: Coneflower Foxglove Blanket flower Nandina Butterfly Bush I know...hard to limit it to five! haha More

  • I'm trying...

    ...to root my butterfly bush and brugmansia. Wish me luck! I've put the cuttings into a jar of water that I have in bright indirect light outside on my porch. Boy I hope these take, especially the brug More

  • All over the place

    ...area I wanted to start Bishops Weed, another by a butterfly bush (?),… More

  • A multitude of STUFF :)

    Ok, here is parts of my backyard. We have been planting Giant sunflowers for a couple years and just love this since it is great for the birds and also makes a great privacy blocker. Tomatillos (LOVE THESE) The yellow flowers that I hope aren't weeds but no idea what… More

  • My Butterfly Garden

    ...e a mix of white and purple aster, mums Butterfly Bush and Agastache blue fortune and black eyed susan More

  • What do you think of these?

    ...lants and how do you like them? White Bellflowers ButterflyMore

  • Pruning Butterfly Bush

    I have a butterfly bush that is about 9 years old. I usually prune it in the late winter with no problems. But, it is very woody on the bottom and I've notices that it does not seem to get much new growth from the base. Does anyone know if… More

  • butterfly bush cuttings

    ...long will it take a buddleja davidii or butterfly bush to root from cuttings? i never ever done this before More

  • Butterfly Bush

    When is the right time to cut the Butterfly Bush for Spring? I have not seen any growth on it yet. I am hoping that it is not dead.:D :confused: More

  • hydrangea or butterfly bush

    If anyone has hydrangea or butterfly bush, please let me know. I am new to this so I do not have trades at this point. Will gladly pay postage Thanks Kay in Louisiana More

  • Butterfly Bush

    I bought a Butterfly Bush this year. It really was against my better judgement because it is only hardy to zone 5. I finally realized that there are 2 in my neighborhood that grow big but do not bloom. Why is that? Is it because it is too cold for… More

  • butterfly bush and hibiscus question

    hello, i have 2 butterfly bushes one is a black night--i think and the other is silver--something--i can't remember--but anyway they both have yellowing leaves and black spots on the leaves--fungus? i know one of them may be getting too much water from the sprinklers but the other doesn't? next,… More

  • Butterfly bush kinda dead looking

    I planted a 4' butterfly bush last year in my front yard - mostly sunny, and it did beautifully all summer - pruned it about 1/3 in the fall, didn't mulch because I was told it wasn't necessary. It's May and I'm not seeing any buds from any branches -… More

  • butterfly bush

    Mine (I have 6) are always loaded with seeds, but none of them ever sprouts. I don't clip them back until april. More

  • butterflies on butterfly bush

    A butterfly enjoying its favorite bush! More