How to Edge Using a String Trimmer


String trimmers are a part of many tools homeowners use to maintain their yards. A string trimmer can be used for cutting and trimming as well as edging. This tool can help make lawn maintenance easier for someone who wants a professional looking yard without the cost. If you know how to edge using a string trimmer, you can create clean edges and borders along gardens, driveways, sidewalks and flower beds.

Step 1

Remove all the rocks, branches or debris from the work area. If you hit something with a string trimmer while edging, it can become a projectile and cause serious injury.

Step 2

Prepare the string trimmer for operation. Charge the battery if the trimmer is battery operated; fill the gas tank with the proper mixture of fuel. Check the spark plug, and clean it if necessary.

Step 3

Move to a clear area free of any objects before starting the string trimmer. Hold the trimmer arm so the trimmer head is facing away from you. Start the trimmer.

Step 4

Stand with the string trimmer sideways to your body. Hold the trimmer so the cutting head is tilted sideways with the line spinning vertically. Set the head of the string trimmer close enough to the ground so the line cuts into the overgrown grass and weeds.

Step 5

Move slowly from left to right. Hold the trimmer steady while edging to make a clean edge while cutting. Keep a distance of a few inches between the string trimmer and fences, steps or other permanent structures while edging because you could cut chunks out of them with the speed of the spinning line. Cut into the ground 1 to 1 ½ inches for a clean cut while edging.

Step 6

Check the line while edging over long distances or time. If you notice the string trimmer head hitting the ground or bumping off of the ground, extend more line from the spool. Edging with a string trimmer uses trimmer line faster than cutting weeds. Clean the trimmer head as you check the line to ensure no debris or residual grass clogs the trimmer while edging.

Step 7

Turn the trimmer back to the original position when shutting it off. Keep the head lifted from the ground to avoid the string trimmer kicking back at you. Shut down the trimmer. Clean off any dirt or grass.

Step 8

Use the broom to sweep up grass clippings or dirt from any hard surfaces.

Things You'll Need

  • Broom
  • Gloves


  • Gardening Yardener: Using a String Trimmer
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