What Plants or Flowers Grow Well in Sandy Soil?

Sandy soil is permeable, which results in dry soil and leeched nutrients. Plants in sandy soil often require frequent watering and regular fertilization to yield the largest number of blooms and fruit. You can garden successfully in sandy soil with careful plant selection.


Gardeners enjoy delicious grapes grown in sandy soil conditions. Many varieties of grapes (Vitis spp.) do well in USDA Zone 6, especially Brianna, Candice and Edelweiss. Grapes require full sun and moist soil. When you grow grapes in sandy soil, additional watering will increase the fruit yield.

Juniper Plants

The Creeping Juniper (Juniperus horizontalis) and Japanese Garden Juniper (Juniperis chinensis var. procumbens) do well in sandy soil. The needled evergreen grows leisurely requiring fewer nutrients than faster-growing plants. These two Juniper plants grow well in USDA Zones 3 and 4, and reach heights of 1 to 2 feet when the plants are fully mature.

Sedum Plants

Gold Moss Stonecrop (Sedum acre "Gold Moss') is one of many plants in the Sedum group. This evergreen variety of sedum does particularly well in gardens with sandy soil and exposure to full sun. The plant makes a dense groundcover, which prevents erosion and produces small, yellow flowers during the spring months. According to Perdue University Cooperative Extension Service, many varieties of the Sedum family do well in sandy soils.


Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans) and Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) are recommended vine varieties that do well in full sun to partial shade gardening locations. These vines can be invasive, but can be trained over trellises, fencing and landscaping walls. The trumpet vine sports brilliant orange trumpet-shaped flowers during the summer months. The Virginia Creeper attracts wildlife to gardening locations with its bright red leaves and small edible blue fruit.

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