Diseases of a Lavender Plant

Lavender is known for its healing properties and soothing aroma. Gardeners enjoy growing this perennial plant because it is easy to manage. According to Cornell University Agriculture Extension, lavender is susceptible to only a few plant diseases. Lavender plants reach a height of 1 to 3 feet. During the summer months, plants are filled with pink and violet blooms.

Root Rot Disease

Avoid over-zealous watering of lavender plants. The roots are shallow and are prone to root rot. Well-drained soils are imperative to this disease. Many gardeners use porous clay pots to provide container lavender plants with additional air to the root system. Mixing pumice into flowerbeds or containers helps with soil drainage to prevent root rot disease.

Leaf Wilt Disease

Lavender thrives in sunny locations. Lavenders that are grown in partial shade experience leaf wilt. Artificial grow lights indoors help container lavender plants from leaf wilt disease. Lavender plants are excellent for sunny flower beds for home and residential landscaping.

Brown Leaf Disease

Plants use photosynthesis to convert nutrients into energy and new growth. Without photosynthesis, plants die. Chlorophyll is a product of photosynthesis needed to keep plants green and to bloom. According to Cornell University Agriculture Extension, lavender plants are very susceptible to four-lined plant bugs. These bugs extract chlorophyll from lavender plants, resulting in brown leaf. Large enough numbers of four-lined plant nymphs can completely kill a lavender plant. Treatment with insecticides or washing the lavender plants with liquid dish soap are recommended to keep four-lined plant nymphs away and prevent further damage to the lavender plants.

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