What Plants Close Their Flowers at Night?

One way to discourage flying insects from visiting your garden after dark is to grow varieties of plants that close their flowers at night. A handful of flower varieties from all corners of the globe are known to do this, along with the more common morning glory (Ipomea spp.), although the morning glory keeps its flowers closed all the time, except for a few hours shortly after sunrise.

California Poppy

This short-lived tender perennial is native to the West Coast of the United States. California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) grows only 12 to 18 inches high and produces the same type of paper-like flowers as other poppy varieties. Hybridizers have developed white, pale yellow, rose, red and purple flower colors to complement the natural dark yellow and orange varieties. Most varieties are single but some are double or semi-double. It is grown as an annual in cold weather areas.

Virginia Spring Beauty

This wildflower grows in partial sun or the shade of moist woodlands. Virgina spring beauty (Claytonia virginica) produces a raceme of ½ inch pale pink flowers at the top of the plant. The closed buds droop during daylight and become erect after dark when they open up. Virginia spring beauty is a hardy perennial that grows 3 to 6 inches high.

African Daisy

Available in a variety of colors, African daisy (Dimorphotheca aurantiaca) has daisy-like blossoms in shades of yellow, orange, apricot, salmon and white. They have the trademark ray-like single petals of all daisies, which extend out from the darker center of the flower. This heat-loving annual grows only 12 inches high and makes an excellent ground cover for hot, dry areas.

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