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Flowers That Bloom in the Morning

morning glory-blue image by Susan Bradley from

Morning sun brings a fresh new day and imagine being greeted by the sight of flowers at the start of your day. There are some flowers that do exactly that: Greet each new day with blooms and beauty. Such plants will offer up fresh blooms each morning with the breaking of the dawn sunlight. While most flowers will bloom at various times, these particular flowers bloom with the morning sun and are often short-lived, to be replaced by new blooms the following morning.

Morning Glory

Morning glory (Ipomoea) is a climbing annual. It will reseed and can be invasive. The morning glory blooms will open when the morning sun begins to rise and will wilt and die off when heat from the afternoon sun becomes strong. Morning glory blooms may last all day if the temperature is moderate. Morning glories are not good for cut flower bouquets and are best admired on the vine. Providing a fence or a large trellis for morning glories to climb on will create a beautiful display of these delicate flowers. Each day will bring new blooms to enjoy. Morning glories come in a variety of colors, including purple, blue, red, mauve, chocolate, pink, white and striped. The bloom colors are vibrant and eye catching. The average height for morning glory plants are 10 to 12 feet. This plant needs full sun all day to grow and the plants must have support for their twining growth. The leaves of morning glory vines are heart-shaped.


Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is an herb that is often seen growing along roadsides. Chicory blooms are short-lived, blooming with the rising sun and closing up by the time the hot afternoon sun sets in. Chicory flowers are a vibrant periwinkle blue color. The plant features tall spikes that can reach 3 to 5 feet or more in height. The leaves of chicory plants resemble dandelion leaves and many people mistake the young plants for dandelions. Young leaves are often used in salads or in cooking. Flowers can be sugared and used for edible cake decorations. Chicory roots have been used as a coffee substitute.

Sun Plant

Sun plant (Portulaca) is a half-hardy, low-growing annual that loves the sun. The colorful, 2-inch flowers will open up in the sun. Some newer varieties of sun plant will open on overcast days, but the plant loves and prefers hot, blazing sunshine. This plant comes in a variety of colors that are brilliant in hue. The flowers will continue to bloom in the sunshine throughout the summer and into early fall. Sun plants will grow quite well in poor soil. They will be prone to rot in wet soil. Sun plants will grow well during drought conditions and make excellent choices for rocky soil. Watering is necessary only when the plants begin to appear wilted. This plant is a good choice for containers.

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