Innovative Ways to Grow Vegetables

The average home gardener has made a square or rectangular garden plot in the back yard, grown some tomatoes and peppers, and shared the harvest with his neighbors. There are many ways to garden, many of which don't resemble this traditional plan at all. Gardens can be in different places, use different methods and grow different crops, creating gardening possibilities for almost everyone.

Container Gardening

People who live in apartments or other buildings that don't offer a large amount of land to dig up can grow a good-sized crop using only containers for planting. A portion of deck or patio can be set aside for planters, and most of the same vegetables that you would grow in the yard will do very well grown in containers.

Hanging Garden

Upside-down planters and other hanging planters don't take up any ground space at all. If you have enough roofline or other places to hang planters, you can grow an entire garden without digging in the ground. Regular planters can hold smaller crops such as carrots, radishes, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Upside-down planters can grow regular-sized plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and zucchini.

Community gardens

Many neighborhoods are banding together to turn ugly vacant lots into useful community gardens. Neighbors pool their resources, taking turns in the planting and weeding work, and the crops are divided at the end of the season. Families who might otherwise have only a small garden, if any, are given the opportunity to share in the results of a much larger garden.

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