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Earth Boxes vs. Grow Boxes

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There is a new gardening craze in town: Grow Boxes and Earth Boxes. Both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. And now that they are becoming entrenched in the “container gardening” industry, many gardeners feel that one system is more effective than the other. But is there really a difference?

Earth Boxes and Grow Boxes Defined

The Earth Box, which appeared on the scene in early 2000, is a container gardening system that targets the vegetable gardener. Conversely, the Grow Box, though not too dissimilar from its Earth Box cousin, can grow any kind of plant in a self-contained environment. Despite their differences, both systems save time and money over traditional methods and offer convenience. Earth Boxes and Grow Boxes allow the plants to be easily accessible and each product guarantees a pest-and-insect-free gardening environment.

Earth Box Advantages

The Earth Box appeals to gardeners with little or no space to grow vegetables, herbs, and miniature fruit trees. Earth Boxes can be placed anywhere, eliminating the need for transplanting. Decks and porches are also ideal places to grow a small garden using the Earth Box.

Earth Box Disadvantages

Earth Boxes do pose a level of difficulty for some gardeners. Filled with water and soil, they can be very heavy, creating a problem for people who cannot transport the weight. They are also known to collapse easily under the weight of too much soil and water. And many consider the basic Earth Box to be ugly, often clashing with home décor. The more aesthetically pleasing units are considerably more expensive. Their ability to lose water quickly and some difficulty in assembly are two other Earth Box disadvantages.

Grow Box Advantages

Grow Boxes are much easier to assemble. As the construction materials are lighter and thinner, transporting them is less difficult by comparison. These planters are also more aesthetically pleasing to consumers. A final advantage of the Grow Box over the Earth Box is cost. Generally, Grow Boxes are less expensive.

Grow Box Disadvantages

As the material used for Grow Boxes is lighter and thinner, they are not well suited for harsh environmental conditions. In addition, Grow Boxes are not as durable, so they do not last as long as Earth Boxes.


When deciding on whether to purchase an Earth Box or a Grow Box, consider price, durability, and visual appeal. Those interested in saving a few bucks will definitely go for the less sturdy, but inexpensive Grow Box. Those who prefer durability to aesthetics will inevitably settle on the sturdier, though less attractive, Earth Box.

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