How to Harvest Clover Seed


Clover is a common herb that originated in meadows throughout Europe and Asia and was naturalized in North America. Red clover is especially used to feed cattle and other animals. Historically, some have used it as an alternative treatment of certain medical conditions like cancer, whooping cough, skin inflammations and respiratory problems (though it has not received USFDA endorsement for any of these purposes). Propagation of clover is easy since the seeds are readily available on the plant. Once you know how to properly harvest clover seed, you can easily grow a crop of your own.

Step 1

Wait for the clover to flower. The seeds will be formed after the flowers dry out, so once the clover plant reaches the flowering stage, seeds will be ready shortly. Cool, cloudy days slow down the transformation from flower to seed.

Step 2

Harvest the clover seeds when the flower is completely dried out. Pinch the stem below the flower and pull your hand up to pull the seeds off the flower stem.

Step 3

Store the clover seeds in a dry, airtight container until you are ready to plant them. Moisture in the storage container can cause the seeds to rot.

Things You'll Need

  • Storage container with lid


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