Year Round Flowering Plants

Orchestrating a garden to keep it interesting all year round can be a difficult task even for an experienced garden. Carefully staggering early spring wildflowers, radiant summer blossoms and autumnal late bloomers requires careful planning, and an unusual warm or cold season can easily throw everything off. Add a few year-round flowering plants to your garden to ensure that, no matter what time of year it is, something will be in bloom.


Euphorbia is a broad genus that contains hundreds of plants with year-round blooms. Euphorbia is not a true year-round bloomer--the flowers may last for several months, but they will eventually die and may not recur in the same year. What is special about euphorbia is that it looks like a year-round flowering plant. Brightly colored petals in a cup or whorl pattern surround a small flower, creating a large "false flower." This false flower will stay, sometimes changing colors even after the true flower dies out. While true year-round flowering plants periodically lose their petals, euphorbia really does keep its petals year round.

Yellow Bell

Also called the buttercup flower and golden trumpet, the yellow bell is a true year-round bloomer with bright, five-lobed star-shaped petals in a vibrant yellow color. A tropical bush, the yellow bell prefers moist soil and lots of sun, and is quite sensitive to frost. Yellow bell should be handled with gloves, since its sap is irritating to the skin. This year-round flowering plant is known to spread very fast, so care should be taken to prevent it from overwhelming the garden or yard.


Known in northern climates chiefly as an ingredient in herbal trees, hibiscus is also a year-round flowering plant from the tropics. Hibiscus flowers, with their textured crepe-paper appearance and complex, vibrant color schemes are an absolute joy in any garden. Although hibiscus puts out year round blooms, it normally requires good sunlight and warm temperatures to do so. A strong frost can kill off many species of hibiscus. Hardy hybridized varieties which can withstand a northern winter do exist, however. These flowers will die back during the winter, but will reawaken during the summer months.

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