How to Grow Tomatoes in an Upside Down Container


A new approach to tomato growing is the upside-down container. This type of container gardening comes with some benefits. Tomatoes grown this way are protected from diseases in the soil, have improved nutrient absorption from being fertilized and watered from the bottom and often have increased production, as air circulation is greater. All tomato varieties can be grown this way, but because of the weight of larger plants and the volume of soil, smaller tomato varieties are better suited for this type of growing.

Step 1

Purchase a small tomato plant from a garden center. Water it well and set it aside.

Step 2

Choose a sunny place outdoors to hang your upside-down container. You will need to anchor the container with a hook hung in a sturdy location, as the plant will become quite heavy as it grows. The plant will also need plenty of room to grow downward.

Step 3

Cut a hole in the bottom of the container just big enough for the plant to poke through. If you use a plastic bottle, you will place the plant through the spout and will need to cut off the bottom. If you use a bucket, you will need to cut a small hole in the bottom with a drill or saw.

Step 4

Attach a piece of strong string to the plastic container, making a handle by poking a small hole with scissors through two sides. Place the string through the holes and tie in a knot. If using a bucket or planter, you can use the existing handle to hang it.

Step 5

Hang the container on the hook.

Step 6

Place the plant in the container, with the plant poking through the hole in the bottom.

Step 7

Fill the container with compost and garden soil.

Step 8

Water the tomato plant well until the soil is well saturated.

Things You'll Need

  • Planting container--plastic bottle, bucket or a planter made specifically for upside-down planting
  • Compost or garden soil
  • Trowel
  • String
  • Hook
  • Drill


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