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Indoor gardeners and plant enthusiasts are the most pleasant when they can utilize every inch of their home for their green thumb. Plant hangers are one of the best ways to utilize space by going up instead of along the floor or wall. Since commercial plant hangers often do not work best with many types of plants or planter sizes, finding a way to have plant hangers that fit can be an issue. A solution to this is to make your own plant hangers. This can be done with wire and tin cans of any size. You can also substitute plastic tubs for lighter plants.

Step 1

Measure the height of the can. Multiply the can height by seven; this will give you the length of the wire for the plant hanger. This ensures there is enough support for the plant in the can. Measure this length on the wire. Use the wire cutters to cut the wire at that point. Use this length of wire as a template to create five more wire sections of equal length.

Step 2

Line up five lengths of wire on a table. Place the straight edge across the center of all five wires. Fold the wires across the straight edge so the ends meet. Remove the straight edge. The folded end of the wire will become the top of the plant hanger.

Step 3

Lay the can on its side. Use the hammer and hole punch to make five holes equidistant around the top edge of the can. Place the holes 1 inch from the lip. These are where the wires will be inserted.

Step 4

Pick up one of the wires. Bend the ends to form right angles 2 inches from the tips. Repeat this step with each of the other four wires.

Step 5

Line up the ends of one wire with two holes in the can. Place the ends through the holes so that the ends are facing into the can. Line up a second wire so that one of its ends goes through an occupied hole with the other going into an open hole. You should have the two wires sharing a hole between them. Repeat this process until all five wires are inserted. Each hole will have ends from two wires going through it.

Step 6

Grab hold of two of the ends at a hole with the pliers. Twist the ends together. Bend the ends up. Do this with each hole. This is how the wires hold the can in the plant hanger.

Step 7

Wind the remaining length of wire through the tops of each wire holding the can. Leave 2 inches on either end of this length free of the loops. Bring these two ends together and twist them into a single strand with the pliers. Bend the end of the strand over to form a hanger for the plant hanger.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal can
  • Straight edge
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Measuring tape
  • Hole punch
  • Hammer
  • Pliers


  • Metal Plant Hangers
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