How to Plant Container Tomatoes


Home gardening is increasing in popularity as more and more people are looking for ways to improve the quality of the foods in their diets and save money. For those who don't have yards or ample space, vegetables can be grown in flower pots. Although tomatoes are considered to be too large for container gardening, they can be successfully grown in containers.

Step 1

Fill a 5-gallon container with high-quality potting soil made specifically for growing fruit and vegetable plants for best results. Grow tomatoes directly in a bag of potting soil if you don't have a 5-gallon container.

Step 2

Plant the seeds or seedlings in the soil-filled container. Cut a three inch "X" in the center the bag and sow the seeds or seedling into the soil through this opening if you are planting the tomatoes in a bag.

Step 3

Plant seedlings in soil up to their first leaf set. If you are planting seeds, plant three of them 1/4 inch deep and loosely brush soil over them. Pluck the smaller two seedlings with they are 3 inches tall, leaving only the strongest one.

Step 4

Place the container in an area that receives at least eight hours of sunlight per day. Direct sunlight is best, but tomatoes tolerate filtered light.

Step 5

Poke drainage holes into the bottom of the container with a large nail or spike, or a punch several small holes into the bottom of the bag of soil with a smaller nail.

Step 6

Water immediately to enable the oxygen pockets to work their way out of the soil.

Step 7

Water regularly when the soil feels dry 1 inch below the surface.

Step 8

Feed the seeds or seedling with a tomato specific fertlizer and follow the the directions on fertilizer package for dosage.

Things You'll Need

  • Tomato seeds or seedlings
  • 5-gallon container or potting soil bag
  • Fertilizer


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