Floral Arranging Careers

To be a successful floral arranger or florist, it takes knowledge of design, the different flowers that make a design, and some business acumen. However, careers in floral arranging include more than just opening a florist shop and making deliveries. There are other options available to those considering a floral arranging career.

Floral Shop

Opening a floral shop is a good way to make money and arrange flowers at the same time. You will need to know the different types of floral design appropriate for different occasions and how to make them. And just like any other retail business, you will need to know how to promote your store and attract new customers. A good business location is important because many times flowers are purchased at the last minute. Knowing how to handle money and a highly perishable product are other necessary skills. A floral shop owner must know about bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes in addition to flowers and floral design.

Wholesale Flower Designer

Many wholesalers make floral arrangements in-house and sell them on the Internet or to retailers. Also, silk flower arrangements made for funerals and gravesites are often made by wholesalers and sold at a later date to retailers. This is because wholesalers have more room for long-term storage and the cost of production is lower. Some wholesale flower operations make arrangements and bouquets to sell to retailers during the big flower holidays such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

Catering and Event Planning

Teaming up with a food caterer or event planner is a good way to use your floral design skills without the day-to-day pressure of owning a retail floral shop. Caterers are always in need of a florist who can make attractive floral designs to highlight their food dishes. Event planners need a floral arranger who can add dramatic flair to large gathering halls as well as smaller venues. Working with a caterer or event planner allows each person to cross-sell the other's product.

Wedding Floral Specialist

Wedding floral specialists visualize what a bride wants and then makes it come together within their budget considerations. Wedding floral specialists must be able to create a sense of confidence while meeting the bride and her family for the first time, so good salesmanship is important. A wedding floral specialist can make good money concentrating his or her talent on wedding floral design while working from home. A young bride will usually have friends and family attending who are planning a wedding, so there is a good opportunity for referrals.

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