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How to String a Troy-Bilt TB575SS

An important part of lawn maintenance is trimming the spots that a mower can not reach. That attention to detail shows visitors or prospective buyers how a you feel about your property. The Troy-Bilt TB575SS gas powered string trimmer is one way to do the trimming on larger yards, since no extension cord is required. The problem with the Troy-Bilt, or any other string trimmer for that matter, is that it eventually runs out of trimmer string and needs restringing.

Move the engine start/stop switch to the "stop" position, and remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug, ensuring that the engine will not start.

Cut two 10-foot lengths of 0.95-inch trimmer line.

Turn the inner reel with one hand while holding the outer reel with the other hand until the arrow on the inner and outer reels are aligned. Remove the old line by pulling it from the line-holding hole.

Insert one of the 10-foot lengths of trimmer line into one of the eyelets in the outer ring and push it through the line-holding hole in the inner reel. Make sure the line does not bend or kink while it is being pushed into position.

Insert the end of the line just inserted into the trimmer down into the line-holding hole no more than 1/2-inch so that the line forms a small loop. Pull the other end of the trimmer line until the line locks tightly in place in the inner spool.

Repeat the procedure for the second 10-foot length of line and the other eyelet in the outer spool.

Hold the outer spool with one hand while turning the inner spool clockwise with your other hand until approximately four inches of line remains outside each eyelet in the outer spool on either side.


If the inner and outer spool bind, or winding becomes difficult while winding the trimmer string, pull the string tight at the eyelets and keep winding until approximately six inches of line remains outside of the outer spool.


Make sure the trimmer gas cap Is tight before the trimmer is turned over to install so that no fuel leaks out of the tank.

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