How to Grow Through Bubble Wrap


Bubble wrap is often used to protect precious items being shipped across the country or to fill extra space between an item and the package. There's no need to add your extra bubble wrap to the garbage heap if you aren't planning to ship anything anytime soon. Bubble wrap makes a great insulator for your garden plants and can help to raise the soil temperature during cold periods.

Step 1

Lay your bubble wrap over the area of your garden you want to insulate so that the bubble side of the wrap is facing the soil.

Step 2

Use your knife to cut slits into the plastic where your transplanted seedlings or seeds will go.

Step 3

Place a water irrigation system or sprinkler under the plastic to water your plants. Water will not permeate through the bubble wrap surface otherwise.

Step 4

Secure the edges of your bubble wrap with stones to keep it flat. Place the stones in each corner and along each edge.

Step 5

Transplant your seedlings by digging a hole large enough for the root balls in the soil beneath where you made the slits. Plant any seeds you wish in the soil beneath the slits, as well. Your plants will now grow through the bubble wrap.

Things You'll Need

  • Bubble wrap
  • Knife
  • Water irrigation system or sprinklers
  • Stones
  • Seedlings or seeds


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