How to Hang Garden Twirlers


A garden twirler is a form of wind-driven whirligig constructed as a vertical tower rather than as a horizontal windmill. As the wind turns a garden twirler, it spins---and the effect creates a motion that draws your attention. Although some popular forms of garden twirlers include plastic varieties cut from clear or green soda bottles, more durable metal garden twirlers have been created by artists as a form of kinetic art. Whether you create your own garden twirler or purchase a ready-made twirler, learn how to hang one in your garden.

Step 1

Attach a rod eye to the end of you twirler's rod. Select a rod eye with a screw-end and screw the rod eye into the end of the twirler's rod.

Step 2

Snap the hook snap through the rod eye.

Step 3

Attach a fishing swivel through the hook snap.

Step 4

Select heavy-duty fishing line for your twirler to stand up to the stress of high winds.

Step 5

Tie your fishing line to the swivel.

Step 6

Tie the other end of your fishing line to an S hook.

Step 7

Select a location to hang your twirler that is visible, but is free from obstructions. The crook of a shepherd's hook in a yard, or a hook affixed under the eaves of a house are both good locations. Hang your twirler by the S hook from the hanging point.

Things You'll Need

  • Rod eye
  • Hook snap
  • Fishing swivel
  • Fishing line
  • S hook


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Who Can Help

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