How to Make a Cascading Calla Lily Bouquet


Calla lilies are favored at weddings, with their beautifully shaped blooms that resemble a wedding champagne glass. These are arranged in bouquets held by a bride or her bridesmaids to complement their dresses on the occasion. Although a cascading calla lily bouquet is easily available at florists, you can make one yourself, irrespective of the occasion, and save on extra costs. Include embellishments of your choice, or add other flowers to create a beautiful accent piece that is visually appealing.

Step 1

Gather all your supplies and place them in front of you. Place small marbles, pennies or stones in a bottle or vase so it is sturdy and does not topple over. Also place your foam bouquet holder in the opening of the vase, ensuring its top protrudes out, so your hands are free and you can begin building your cascading calla lily bouquet.

Step 2

Determine how large you want the bouquet to be so you can cut stems of the foliage accordingly. Since it is a cascading bouquet, longer stems will hang down the front. Leave at least three stems between 12 to 15 inches long, and cut the remaining stems that will form the bulk of the bouquet down to 6 or 7 inches in length. Keep in mind that the calla lilies will extend beyond the greenery, so avoid making the greenery too long.

Step 3

Gently insert stems of the foliage such as ferns, myrtle or ivy in the foam bouquet holder. Work your way all around the bouquet holder so it is covered with greenery. Do not cover it completely, however, since you will need space to insert calla lily stems. Make sure the three long stems are arranged in the bottom center of the foam. This will help give the bouquet structure and a fuller look. Step back to view the greenery, which should have a dome-shaped appearance. Make necessary adjustments by trimming some foliage off.

Step 4

Take two or three calla lilies and cut their stems down to 4 inches. Gently push them in the middle of the bouquet holder. These will serve as the two focal flowers.

Step 5

Insert two 14-inch long calla lilies stems in the bottom of the holder so they hang down the middle. Then insert three 12-inch long calla lilies on either side of the longer ones. Follow it by inserting three 10-inch long calla lilies on either side, and then two 8-inch stems. Make sure all the flower heads face outward from every direction. Keep cutting the stems of the calla lilies to their appropriate length before inserting them in the holder.

Things You'll Need

  • Marbles
  • Bottle or vase
  • Foam bouquet holder
  • Ivy, ferns or myrtle stems
  • Scissors
  • Calla lilies, 14 to 16
  • Ribbon


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