What Are Some Elegant Flowers?

Beautiful flowers can set the stage for any room or event. Selecting the right flower bulbs, however, can be challenging as there are many bulbs that produce elegant flowers and lush foliage, but that only bloom occasionally. Before planting, consider some of the more sophisticated bulb options.

Bird of Paradise

Native to South Africa, the bird of paradise resembles a colorful bird in flight. A mid-sized plant, the bird of paradise is a trunk-less, stalked plant with flowers of bright orange and vivid blue. The plant blooms from early spring through late fall and prefers full sunlight and moderate humidity. Its vibrant colors make it ideal for celebration centerpieces and brings liveliness to gardens and homes.

Calla Lily

The calla lily is a South African native that thrives in tropical climates. Its name is misleading as it is neither a true lily nor a true calla. With large, colorful flowers and dominant scents, the calla lily is of the Zantedeschia genus. It is a vigorous growing plant that grows from rhizomes. Its vigorous growth and rapid spreading makes it a weed in its native land. The calla lily's hardy nature make it an ideal selection for cut bouquet arrangements and centerpieces. Cut calla lilies can bloom for several weeks with clean water and proper placement.


The Amaryllis is a quick-blooming plant that originates from the tropics of South America. This large flower develops in a bell-shaped form and presents itself in an array of colors. The amaryllis can bloom within six weeks of planting under the right conditions. With up to six flowers on one stalk, the plant is long-living and can produce for up to 75 years when well kept. Although the plant is of tropical origins, it can grow in almost any well-drained soil. However, it requires full sunlight to thrive and bloom. Trimming the flowers from the amaryllis is recommended pruning for the end of its growing season. The cut flowers are ideal for bouquets and can last for several weeks in a vase with fresh water.

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