Decorating Ideas for a Calla Lily Wedding

Calla lilies are popular for wedding decorations and bouquets because of their clean, classic shape, and the huge variety of colors available in the flowers. Choosing calla lilies as a wedding flower is a simple, elegant and beautiful way to decorate. You may use just one color of lily and match it with other flowers in the same color or an accent color, or you may pair two striking colors of calla lily, like burgundy and white, or orange and yellow, depending on the tone, location and style of the wedding.

Using Water

Create water features. Calla lilies grow in water, so take inspiration from nature and use a variety of glass containers, vases, and bowls, even aquariums. Scatter a layer or iridescent stones or muted river stones suitable for your color theme, and fill the glass containers with clear or colored water. Float calla lilies on the surfaces, with or without accompanying lily pads. If you are planning an outdoor event, add floating calla lilies to birdbaths, wheelbarrows, ponds and pools.

Staying Simple

The beauty of calla lilies lies in their simplicity, so don't overdo the blooms. Besides the fact they can be expensive, they are very graceful flowers on their own, without the crowd of trimmery and greenery found in many wedding flower decorations. Select perfect lilies in the wedding colors, cut them short, and place them singly in bowls or vases for tables and other surfaces.

Mixing Sizes

Use the contrast of big and small. There are regular-sized calla lilies, and there are miniature calla lilies. If both are available in your area, try out table, bouquet and decorating arrangements that pair a regular lily and a miniature one. For instance, start with a full-sized white calla lily, back it with branches, a berry spray or greenery, and add one or more miniature calla lilies in the wedding colors. Or, swap the colored and white lilies for bolder arrangements.

Favor Ideas

Extend the calla lily theme to favors. These can be a beautiful added table decoration before guests take them home. Use small fabric or artificial calla lilies to decorate flowerpots, candles, place cards or candy bags as favors. Or, wrap calla bulbs attractively in organza or tissue and present them to guests as a lasting reminder of your wedding.

Natural Accents

Accent the calla lily theme with other natural lily companions. For an elegant look, use polished natural stones scattered on surfaces, or place them strategically to hold place cards and favors. For a more playful look, use figures or portrayals of birds, frogs, or crickets. As a dramatic pond-themed counterpart in arrangements, add cattails and reeds as tall elements in displays. Or, carve sockets in tree branches, fill with water, and tuck mini calla lilies into the branch as if they were blooming from a tree.

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