How to Get Rid of Pigeons on a Porch


Where there are people, there are often pigeons. Unlike most other birds, pigeons are very comfortable roosting in populated places, including apartment balconies and home porches. The mess they make on your porch is probably not the positive impression you want to make on guests entering your home. In addition, contact with pigeon droppings can pose a health risk, according to the New York City Department of Health. Take back your porch by getting rid of the pigeons for good.

Step 1

Clean up your porch. Make sure any garbage nearby is tightly sealed and that there is no food nearby to attract pigeons. If you frequently eat on your porch, the smell of the food and leftover crumbs may be attracting the birds.

Step 2

Scare the birds away with a realistic ceramic owl. Move the owl to different locations on the porch if the pigeons seem to be getting used to it.

Step 3

Create an unfriendly environment. If the pigeons are not fooled by the owl, take away their ability to roost. Cover your porch roof with bird netting or wire mesh. Cover narrow areas, such as porch railings, with porcupine wire (strips of metal that deter perching). Or, purchase some pigeon repellent, which creates a sticky surface that is unattractive to pigeons.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear a mask and gloves when cleaning up pigeon droppings. Use hot water and bleach, and be sure to wash your skin and clothes after you are finished.

Things You'll Need

  • Ceramic owl
  • Bird netting or wire mesh
  • Porcupine wire
  • Pigeon repellent


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Who Can Help

  • More about pigeons from Cornell University
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