Planting Wildflower Seeds


Wildflower seeds are best planted in a location that speaks to a natural setting. This is easily done in a rural setting with natural plants already growing nearby. Adding wildflower seeds to this area will provide a gorgeous array of color. To have a natural look, use wildflowers at the outside of a lawn mixed with bushes and trees. Try any wildflower seed mix you like, but the best results will come from a mix that incorporates wildflowers from your region.

Step 1

Plant wildflower seeds when it is appropriate for your location. Warmer, southern climates allow for planting any time except during the hottest summer months. Other locations that experience winter and early spring frosts should plant in the fall, summer or spring after the last frost has passed.

Step 2

Prepare the soil to assure healthier wildflower blooms by removing weeds from the planting area. Dig up the soil with a shovel or pick and work in a bit of compost for nutrients and soil amending. Rake the soil even.

Step 3

Mix wildflower seeds with nursery sand. Many wildflower seeds are very fine and can fly away when sown. The sand will adhere to the seeds and hold them to the ground.

Step 4

Pick a day with little or no breeze to help ensure that the seeds remain in the sand mix.

Step 5

Scatter the wildflower seeds by hand, using only half of the mixture for the entire planting area. Then, start at the beginning and repeat the process over the same area. This form of double seeding will help to even out the seeds, leaving few, if any, blank spaces.

Step 6

Walk over the seeded area. This is an important aspect of planting wildflower seeds. The pressure of of you weight will adhere the seeds into the soil. In extremely large areaa, use a plank or piece of plywood. Lay the plank down and step all over it, making sure the seeds are compacted into the soil. Then, move the plank up and repeat the process over the entire area. There is no need to water the area. Natural precipitation and sunshine will help germinate the seeds at the proper time.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel or pick
  • Rake
  • Compost
  • Wildflower seeds
  • Plank or plywood (optional)


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  • American Meadows

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