How to Choose a Lawn Trimmer


For large and small outdoor spaces alike, gardeners can give their landscape a polished look by carefully edging with a lawn trimmer. Depending upon the gardeners' needs and budget, as well as outdoor space, one type of trimmer will be better suited for the task over another. To make the decision a little easier, gardeners need only to consider three options to complete this activity.

Step 1

Choose a battery-operated lawn trimmer for small areas. Plan to use a battery-operated trimmer for a short amount of time before recharging; 20 minutes is a good rule of thumb. Expect to use a battery-operated trimmer solely for trimming a lawn as its limited power will not effectively trim shrubs or other thick-growing areas.

Step 2

Buy an electric lawn trimmer if cost is the driving force for your purchase. Expect electric trimmers to cost less than battery-operated or gasoline-powered trimmers but be prepared for the necessity of having an outlet within 100'to 150' of the cutting area. Use an electric trimmer to get into tight spaces, around bricks or rocks that other trimmers are typically unable to do.

Step 3

Use a gasoline-powered trimmer for more extensive outdoor spaces and for heavy-duty trimming. Trim thick brush or weeds as well as lawn edges with a gasoline trimmer. Get more yard work done without the need for an electric outlet nearby. Plan to spend more money on a gasoline-powered trimmer over and electric or battery-operated trimmer. Expect the unit to be heavier and noisier than its counterparts.


  • Buy the Correct Weed Trimmer
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