Methods to Grow White Hydrangeas

White hydrangea, also known as Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle, is a stunning hydrangea that produces flower heads that are up to 10 inches in diameter. The flowers provide a beautiful addition to any garden whether as a border or backdrop to other plants. They also make beautiful flower arrangements whether in fresh or dried form. Grow white hydrangeas from seeds, seedlings (young plants) and cuttings. The length of growth may differ, but the results are all the same.

Growing Seeds

You can grow white hydrangea from seeds from late summer and keep them indoors through the winter. Harvest the seeds from an existing plant or buy them in packets from your local nursery. Make sure that the soil is moist by sprinkling water and letting the soil drain. Spreading the soil in a shallow container and leaving an inch of space between the top of soil and top of the mouth of the container will allow enough room for sowing seeds. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil. Avoid mixing seeds with the soil. Place the planter in a bright area, but avoid direct light. Keeping the seeds moist and applying fertilizer weekly with half-strength liquid fertilizer will ensure success. Transfer the seedlings outdoors after the frost.

Growing Young Plants

Some people buy young white hydrangea plants from the grocery store. White hydrangea plants received as gifts are difficult to grow after the first blooms have disappeared because of the induced rapid growth performed on these plants. In other words, these types of potted plants sold in the groceries provide instant gratification only and not meant for long-term enjoyment. Growing young white hydrangea plants purchased from the groceries is still doable. Transfer the young plant into another pot that is twice or three times the size of the root ball. Use well-drained soil mixed with compost when re-potting. Transfer the pot in a covered porch or a shady part of your garden or patio. Make sure that it gets enough morning sun. Water the plant regularly. Fertilize using a good balanced, slow-release, fertilizer and apply 1/4 cup around the base of the plant. Decide whether to upgrade into a bigger pot or if you want to plant directly into the soil outdoors after the roots have established themselves. Prune from winter to spring in order to encourage more blooms in the summer.

Growing Cuttings

Grow white hydrangea from cuttings by using the method known as vegetation propagation method. Take softwood cuttings in late June. Trim the cuttings to a size that has a node at the bottom of the cutting with one pair of leaves at the top, approximately six to eight inches long. Dip the lower end (about 3/4 inch) of the cut portion into a rooting hormone. Insert the cutting about one inch deep into sterile moist sand, vermiculite or sphagnum moss. Cover with a glass jar or poly film over a wire frame and place it in a bright spot until the roots form. Avoid direct light. Plant the cutting in a mixture of loam and peat moss as soon as the roots appear.

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