Care for a Ficus Tree


The ficus (Ficus benjamina), also known as the weeping fig, is a very popular indoor tree. It has shiny green leaves and smooth bark, and can be a small tree, large tree or bush, depending on your needs. It's fairly low maintenance, and easy to grow for most gardeners.

Step 1

Place your ficus in a spot that receives bright light, but not full sun. Direct sun during the winter is fine, according to the University of Nebraska Extension, but it cannot handle summer's strong sunlight.

Step 2

Water when the soil is dry to the touch, or completely dry during the dormant winter months. Soak the plant thoroughly, and make sure your soil drains well, in order to remove excess fertilizer salts. Too much water will cause the roots to rot.

Step 3

Fertilize monthly during the growing season with an all-purpose fertilizer. Prune your ficus when necessary to keep its size and shape, according to the University of Nebraska Extension.

Step 4

Place your ficus outdoors in a shady spot during the summer, when the nighttime temperatures are above 50 degrees F, according to the University of Minnesota Extension. Take the tree back inside when fall arrives and nighttime temperatures drop below 50 degrees F. Keep your ficus tree's foliage wiped clean of dust to aid photosynthesis and to boost the plant's ability to clean the air.


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