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How to Water Ficus Trees

By Lauren Wise
Ficus leaves benefit from being misted every day.
Foliage image by Supertrooper from Fotolia.com

The ficus is a popular houseplant and requires a little effort to maintain and keep healthy. The Ficus Benjamin, otherwise known as the weeping fig tree, is the most common variety of ficus. This variety of trees can be sensitive, especially when it comes to environmental changes. When watering ficus trees it is very important not to over water them and to mist them regularly.

Feel the top 2 inches of the soil with your finger before watering ficus every time. This will help ensure you do not over water the ficus (the leaves turn brown when this happens). The top couple inches of the soil must be completely dry.

Mist the leaves of the ficus tree twice a day, once in the morning and again in the late afternoon. This helps provide humidity for the ficus. Use a tray with a thin layer of gravel, and fill it with water to provide the humidity if you do not want to mist the leaves every day.

Reduce watering the ficus tree if you notice the leaves turn a yellowish color. This means that the tree has had enough water for the time being.