Plant Container Ideas

Plant container gardening involves growing plants in containers of various sizes. Plant containers must have good drainage and fresh potting soil for the best production. The soil in plant containers dries out faster than soil in the garden, so place large containers next to a water source. Almost anything that grows in the ground can be grown in plant containers if the container is large enough. Anything that will hold soil and is well-drained can be used as a plant container.

Flower Pots

Flower pots of all sizes make great containers for plants. They are usually sturdy, come in all sizes and are designed to hold plants.


Hollow out an old stump where a tree was removed and plant moisture-loving plants inside and around the base.


Paint an old tire and fill the center with dirt and plants for a "folk art" feel.


If you have an old wheelbarrow, try drilling some holes in the bottom and planting a collection of flowering plants inside.

Wood Frames

Make wood frames that sit on the ground and fill them with soil and plants.

Old Kitchen Utensils

Old kitchen utensils, like wash tubs, coffee pots or old sinks make interesting plant containers.


Old shoes such as cowboy boots or work shoes with a hole drilled in the bottom for drainage are fun plant containers. Boots can be nailed to a tree with ferns or trailing plants planted in them.

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