Information on Garden Plants


Adding garden plants to one's outdoor space is an easy way to add texture, color and interest to an otherwise flat area. There's a garden plant to suit every type of grower and environment.


There thousands of garden plants available. Perennial garden plants will return each growing season, where annual garden plants last for one growing season.


Garden plants can be planted in a wide variety of containers ranging from terra cotta pots, hanging baskets or plastic pots. Containers should be carefully chosen with the plant's mature size in mind.

Potting Medium

Most garden plants require rich, well-drained potting soil. Some potting soils contain a slow-release fertilizer, eliminating the need to add a separate fertilizer as the plant grows. Both soil-based and soilless mixes are available.

Watering Requirements

Garden plants benefit from regular watering, but not over-watering. The specific requirements will vary from species to species. Water plants in the morning to provide them with adequate hydration throughout the day.

Lighting Requirements

Garden plants vary in their lighting requirements. Some garden plants, such as lavender, require full sun to grow. While garden plants, such as the hostas, thrive in shady areas.


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