How to Care for Ficus Trees


The ficus tree is also frequently known as the weeping fig and is native to the southern states, Southeast Asia and Australia. The ficus is a very popular houseplant and is easy to grow because it is tolerant of many different conditions. When grown indoors it may need frequent pruning because it can grow rather large. Ficus trees are very sensitive to light and will often shed its leaves when moved to a new location.

Step 1

Place your ficus tree in an area that will receive partial sun. The tree will survive in areas that receive low light as well as in areas that receive a lot of sunshine. The trees thrive best with a lot of natural light but need protection from the hottest part of the day.

Step 2

Maintain a temperature that is above 55 degrees for your ficus tree. It will do best if it is exposed to day time temperatures of around 75 degrees and night time temperatures that get no colder than 65 degrees. A ficus tree can survive extreme temperatures for short periods of time but grow best in more temperate climates.

Step 3

Water the ficus tree according to the levels of temperature and light it receives. The more light and warmth the tree gets the more you will need to water it. If the plant is exposed to lower light levels and temperatures it will require less water. Try to keep the soil moist if the tree is exposed to a lot of light. In lower light you should wait til the soil gets dry before watering. Again, water the tree with just enough water to moisten the soil.

Step 4

Keep your ficus tree in the same area. Do not move the tree around in your home. Ficus trees do not like change and the stress of moving the plant around can often kill them. If you must move the tree, do it slowly. Move the ficus a little at a time and expose it to different conditions gradually. Take care to not sit the tree too close to an air conditioner or heating vent. The plant is extremely sensitive to strong drafts. This can kill your ficus.

Step 5

Check your ficus tree weekly for little cobwebs. If you notice any insects on the ficus tree, use a cotton swab and wipe the webs away with a light application of alcohol. Be sure to get all of the webs off so that you will rid the tree of all of the pests.

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  • Water
  • Cotton balls
  • Alcohol


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