How to Harvest Seeds From a Wildflower Garden


A wildflower garden is colorful and filled with a variety of plants including bachelor button, black-eyed Susan, white wood aster, larkspur, wild geranium, spider wort, cosmos and rose mallow. Hand collect seeds you want to harvest from a wildflower garden. The wildflower harvest takes place over a series of days or weeks as certain flowers will mature and go to seed at different times through out the growing season. It is important you choose and prepare a place where you can store the seeds to keep them safe and dry for several months or years.

Step 1

Look at the dead flower heads on the wildflower plants. Notice the seed pod or ball at the top of a healthy plant. The seeds also may be in the area just under dried, intact flower petals.

Step 2

Feel the seed pod to be sure the area is crisp and dry. Observe the seeds to make sure they are no longer green. Seeds should be completely dry and have turned brown or black to be ready for harvest.

Step 3

Snip the entire top of the seedpod or flower head and place it into a plastic bag that can be zipped shut, especially if you have a long walk to your home or potting shed.

Step 4

Stick a label on the bag and write the name of the wildflower if you are familiar with it. Write a note about the area where the flower has thrived. Note if it was growing in shade, partial shade or full sun.

Step 5

Place the seed heads on to paper towel and allow them to dry more thoroughly for a few days. Separate the seeds from any plant material still attached to them. Throw away any seeds that appear to be malformed.

Step 6

Place the wildflower seeds into sterile glass bottles or freezer bags. Label with the flower name and the date of harvest. Store in a cool, dry and dark environment where no moisture can come in contact with them.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not let seeds come in contact with moisture or fluid. They will sprout prematurely or get moldy and rot.

Things You'll Need

  • Zipper plastic bags
  • Labels
  • Tray
  • Sterile jars or freezer bags


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