Butterfly Garden Plants for Florida

Butterfly plants are grown in home gardens or yards to attract butterflies and other beautiful winged wildlife. Planting for the purpose of attracting these insects requires care and knowledge of the plants that are involved. Gardening in Florida makes it easier to choose from the selection of butterfly plants because of the state's tropical climate.


Milkweed is a perennial herbaceous plant that not only attracts a variety of butterflies, but also attracts caterpillars looking for a place to cocoon. The most commonly attracted butterfly to this plant is the monarch, which thrives off of its nectar. Bees are also highly attracted to this plant.

Passion Vine

Passion vine is a tropical plant that thrives in the wetter and more humid areas of Florida. The beautifully vibrant petals of the flowers range from royal purple to sun-kissed orange. Butterflies are attracted to the bright colors and pollen.


Citrus plants like lemon, orange, lime and tangelo trees often attract the giant swallowtail butterfly in spring months. In regions like Florida, where citrus thrives abundantly, these butterflies are also plentiful.


The snapdragon is a common plant that can be seen in home gardens from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States. This plant attracts several varieties of butterfly, including the monarch and swallowtail. The seeds of this plant are toxic, so plant away from pet or child access.

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