How to Use Compost Tea in Gardens


Compost tea is an organic liquid fertilizer made from water and high-quality, fully processed compost. The compost is steeped in fresh potable water for several days, and the treated water or "tea" is used to fertilize plants. In large scale applications compost tea can also be sprayed onto the foliage of plants with mechanical sprayers. It is used to boost the nutrient content of the soil and is believed by some to boost plant immunity to common diseases.

Step 1

Apply compost tea around the base of your foliage plants, flowering plants and vegetables. You can use it as a once- or twice-monthly fertilizer

Step 2

Apply the tea over the foliage of plants that tolerate foliar feeding well. You can use compost tea in addition to or in lieu of your regular fertilizer regimen.

Step 3

Apply over dry soil or after watering to prevent the compost tea nutrients from being washed away too rapidly.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost tea
  • Watering can


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