Flower Growth Stages


Flowers are all around us, growing in all kinds of conditions and producing an endless array of blossoms. Have you ever wondered how a flower grows? Flowers go through growth stages or a life cycle, just like other plants do.

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Seeds can lie on the ground for long periods. Most seeds require warmth, oxygen and water to germinate.


When all needs are met, the seed will germinate, producing roots growing downward. A stem will soon begin growing up through the surface.


The seedling appearing will continue to grow taller and produce leaves. The plant will grow into a mature plant and begin to generate flowers.


Pollination is necessary for the flower to be able to reproduce. Wind, water or insects can pollinate flowers. Seeds are produced from this fertilization process.


The flower will ultimately die. The dry fertilized seeds will be discharged into the area or carried off by birds, insects or the wind. This begins the flower growth stages again.


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