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The versatile Bacopa Sutera is a lovely annual evergreen choice for combination plantings, potted specimens and hanging baskets, and makes an exceptionally attractive groundcover. The five-petaled white blooms of Bacopas are often confused with those of alyssum, which actually has a more delicate appearance. Fast growing and easy to care for, these tender perennial plants are ideal selections for indoors or outdoors all year in sub-tropical locations. However, they can be enjoyed as outdoor annuals during the warm months in cooler regions.

Step 1

Choose a brightly lit location in partial shade. Bacopa Suteras can also tolerate morning sun exposure. These South African natives can thrive outdoors as long as temperatures don't drop below 30 degrees F in Zone 10, or 40 degrees F in Zone 11. They prefer very well-draining, slightly acidic soils, but otherwise are not fussy about their growing media.

Step 2

Water Bacopa enough to keep it evenly moist but never soggy or waterlogged. Don't allow it to dry out between waterings. Good drainage is very important, because these plants don't like wet feet. On the other hand, drought conditions can weaken them, and even cause them to drop their flowers. So don't allow Bacopas to dry out completely, particularly in warmer weather.

Step 3

Feed Bacopa a good all-purpose balanced flowering plant food according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Seaweed extract and fish emulsion are excellent organic fertilizers for these plants, as well. If flower production seems to diminish toward the end of the season, feed these plants generously with a potash mix.

Step 4

Shape the plant whenever you wish by pinching it back to encourage fullness and to keep it tidy. Heavy pruning isn't necessary. Remove dead stems which may build up underneath the plant as needed. You won't need to deadhead Bacopas, as they are self-cleaning and will continue blooming profusely throughout the season with sufficient amounts of water and fertilizer.

Step 5

Bring Bacopa Suteras indoors when frost threatens if you want to maintain them as tender perennials. Provide them with plenty of bright indirect light. Water just enough for the soil to remain barely but evenly moist throughout the winter months. It's important that you take extra care not to over water during this time.

Things You'll Need

  • Bacopa Sutera plant
  • All-purpose balanced flowering plant food
  • Seaweed extract
  • Fish emulsion
  • Potash fertilizer


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