Wishbone Flower Fast Facts

Wishbone Flower Fast Facts image by Flickr.com
Wishbone Flower Fast Facts image by Flickr.com


Wishbone flowers have purplish blue blossoms with a yellow throat. They can also have white or pink blossoms. Their basic shape resembles a violet. At the mouth of each bloom are two short curved stamens that resemble a wishbone.

Other Names

The scientific name for the wishbone flower is torenia fournieri. They are also called bluewings.


The wishbone flowers are about an inch long and bloom from early summer through fall.


This annual flower grows 12 inches tall and spreads 6 to 8 inches along the ground.


Wishbone flowers like partial shade. They need well-drained soil to thrive. Do not let these flowers dry out because they have a low tolerance to drought conditions.


Wishbone flowers can be transplanted outside after the last spring frost.


Wishbone flowers make excellent edges or filler in shady flowerbeds. They also do well planted in containers and window boxes.


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