How to Grow Blanket Flower

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If you are looking for an easy to grow and hardy flowering plant to add to your garden, try blanket flowers. The red, orange and yellow blooms burst from their stems in large quantities from late spring through late summer. Depending on how warm the climate where you live is, blanket flower can act as either an annual or perennial. Blanket flower seems to last longer in the warmer subtropical regions of our country. Planting and growing blanket flower is not hard and you will be sure to receive mounds of bright, colorful blooms.

Step 1

Select an area in your garden that receives full sunshine and drains well. They grow best in full sun, though they will tolerate an area that receives partial shade and sun.

Step 2

Clear away any weeds or grass that is growing in the area where you will be placing your blanket flower plants. You do not want them interfering with the flower's growth and choking it out.

Step 3

Dig a hole a little bigger than the plant's root ball. There is no need to amend the soil as blanket flower is very adaptable to a variety of soil types. It will not grow well in soggy, water logged soils.

Step 4

Cover the planting hole and press down upon the soil with your hands to sturdy the plant into the ground. This will also release any air pockets that may be remaining in the soil.

Step 5

Water the freshly planted blanket flower well. Continue watering two to three times per week for the first three weeks after planting. Continue watering once per week thereafter. If the foliage begins to look droopy, water the plant. Blanket flowers are drought tolerant once established.

Step 6

Prune the dead flowers from the plant. This will encourage the blanket flower to continue producing more blooms. Fertilization is not necessary, but if you are throwing it around the other plants, feel free to toss some on the blanket flower plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand trowel
  • Water
  • Pruning shears


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