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Other Garden Plants - Information on Groundcover, Ferns, Fungus, Lichen, & Moss

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  1. Fern Information Sheets
  2. Groundcover Information Sheets
  3. Groundcover Plant Guides
  4. Ferns (Pteridophyta)
  5. Mosses (Bryophyta)
  6. True Mushrooms, Smut Fungi and Rusts
  7. Sac Fungi, Lichen, Yeasts, Morels, Truffels, and Molds

In the Garden Guides' other plants section you will find all kinds of useful information about popular groundcovers, ferns, fungi, mosses, and lichens. Though these may not be the most popular plants to know about or cultivate, but you are sure to want to know more about them at some point during your gardening career. Simply choose a plant from the lists below to find out more.

Popular Groundcovers

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